LASOCHA participates in the mobile consulate of Bolivia

LASOCHA participates in the mobile consulate of Bolivia, Virginia Falls Church- 02/2013.

Status of Chagas disease in the United States

In the United States, Chagas disease has long been considered by doctors to be an illness that they will never diagnose, and as a result a significant number of cases are not yet identified. In an article published by Dr. Bern and Dr. Montgomery in 2009 it estimated that there are approximately 300,000 cases of Chagas-infected patients living in the United States.

According to the national census conducted in 2009 it estimated that 24,000 Bolivians live in Northern Virginia but a local report states that this figure can be up to 200,000. Most of these, native of Cochabamba and Tarija where the seroprevalence of Chagas is 60-70%.

Limited Chagas US data exists concerning diagnosis and seroprevalence. One of the studies in Washington, DC in 1987 on workers in a restaurant where Hispanics were identified from Nicaragua and El Salvador, established a prevalence of 4.9%.

Recently Dr. Sheba Meymandi and Dr Mahmod Traina in a program of Chagas disease in Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley) establishes a prevalence of 18% in a native community of Mexico and Salvador. At the same time tests were performed in patients with abnormal echocardiogram a prevalence of 5.4%. Another study in 4000 in a community identifies a seroprevalence of 1%.

The Association of Blood Banks in the United States reported from 2007 to date 89 seropositive.

The Centers for Disease Control Infectious Diseases in the United States, CDC, from 2007 to July 2012, reported 22 medical treatments requested by Northern Virginia.

A study conducted in 2010 among Gynecologists documented that 68.2% of these have limited knowledge of Chagas disease and only 8.8% know that the infection can be transmitted in utero.


Diagnosis and Treatment

The serological test in the United States has a cost of approximately US $ 80-120 per test. There are 4 manufacturers rapid test laboratories, production is for sale abroad but its sale in the United States is approved only for research purposes. The cost of it is U $ 2-5 per test.

The ANTIPARASTIC drugs are not approved by the Food and Drug for routine use in the treatment of Chagas disease. Therefore, they must be obtained through a clinical protocol established by the CDC, for which a previous cardiac evaluation blood count and liver function tests is needed. CDC also suggests additional lab testing during treatment.

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